Tattoo Instructions

The concept of getting a tattoo is as old as the concept of civilization and scientists have even discovered mummified iceman with tattoos. The art has gradually evolved and modern day tattoo artists have taken it to a whole new level. People from different cultures, races and gender prefer to get permanent inks on their body and tattoo artists with lots of imagination are in high demand these days. As more and more Hollywood celebrities flaunt their tattoos, it has become an international fashion icon. If you are interested in inking yourself or learn the art of tattooing, you should first learn about the basics of tattoo before venturing further.

Machines Are Important

Tribal people are simply satisfied with their hands and needles for tattooing, but modern day professional tattoo artists prefer using advanced machines. Different tattooing machines are available with different purposes and attachments. These machines ensure that ink is properly supplied to the needles and with the help of machines, tattoo artist can easily bring out energetic designs on skin without much hassle.


The most important tool for any tattoo artist is the needles. Depending on the thickness of the lines and intricacy of the designs, you may need to use multiple needles on multiple machines to create a tattoo design. Brand new needles that are out of the box must be used at all times. The health of the person getting the tattoo can be seriously affected if the needle is contaminated in any way. Each and every time, needles must be sterilized before using and this is one of the most important tattoo instructions that every artist should follow. Needles must be clean and sharp without bents or scratches.


Needless to say, the impact of a tattoo design is seriously dependent on the colors used in the design. High quality inks must be used for all designs so that the clients can be satisfied after looking at the quality of the tattoo. Depending on the type of tattoo, permanent or temporary inks should be used. Tattoo artists should not try to mix and match inks from different companies because the pigments can react with one another if the ingredients of the ink are not compatible. While tattooing, you should always start with darker colors and then proceed to lighter colors.

Design And Idea

Tattoo artists should learn and update themselves more frequently as more and more unique ideas and designs enter the market. While choosing tattoo designs, you should take the interest of the client into account. Catalogues for tattoo designs are widely available and before promising something to your client, you should be well aware of the nature of the designs. Sometimes, people come to tattoo parlor with a vague idea of what they want and choosing from hundreds of designs may be difficult. In that case, tattoo artists can make their suggestions and help the clients choose better designs for their skin and nature. Maintaining good relationship with clients and keeping them attentive during the tattooing process can bring in good results for the artist.

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