Scorpion Tattoos

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The Scorpion is one intense little creature and not to be taken lightly and scorpion tattoos are one of the more intriguing choices of design!

Scorpion tattoo designs remain consistently popular around the world, being adorned by men and women throughout many different cultures. From traditional scorpion tribal tattoos designs in Africa, all the way to the Middle East and South East Asia. In Europe and the Americas scorpion tattoos are almost universally Tattooed alone, rather than being part of a larger, more ornate piece of artwork or set against a background of some type.

Scorpions are one of the planets most evolutionarily successful creatures, with over 2000 different species currently on record. Thought to have originated over 430 million years ago, firstly as sea dwellers, before making their way onto land by clutching onto rocky shorelines or dredged seaweed with their powerful claw like appendages.

Scorpion tattoos are sure to attract attention wherever you may roam. They are versatile enough to be interpreted in a number of ways visually and literally. A Scorpion can be seen as either a ward against evil spirits, a spiritual guardian, a symbol of Astrology, protection or as a powerful warning to those who would harm you. By many peoples reckoning, a Scorpion is a creature to be respected or feared.

As with any tattoo, the meaning you decide to attach to it is entirely personal. The scope for interpretation of the Scorpion is wide, varied and steeped in history.

Scorpion tattoos uses as an Astrological Symbol

Astrology states that those whose birthdays fall between the dates of Oct 23rd to Nov 21st are said to be 'Scorpios,' which is the 8th sign in the Zodiac. Traditionally the planet Mars is thought to be the ruler of this Star Sign, and the general personality traits of a person born throughout this period are said to be known for their sharp minds and shrewd intellects. Scorpios are also effective puzzle solvers and counsellors, and have an uncanny knack for getting behind the true meaning of a situation or event.

Scorpios tend to be extremely intuitive. Which can make them compassionate and understanding or come across cruel and vindictive, as they are easily able to single out a persons weak points.
The other aspect that they are known for is their extremism. Tending to be 'all or nothing' risk takers and masters of their own destiny.

It is for these reasons that people choose to express themselves with Scorpio tattoo designs.

Meanings of Scorpion Tattoos

The exact meaning of Scorpion tattoos differs around the world. However the overarching belief that is held both in the East and Western hemispheres is that a Scorpion tattoo acts as a guard against bad luck, as well as affording protection to the wearer.

Its reputation within both human society and the animal kingdom in general as a feared and powerful creature also gives the Scorpion a level of respect that few other creatures of its size can command so universally Scorpions have also featured in myths and legends throughout time. In ancient Egypt for example, the Goddess Isis had two giant Scorpions that acted as bodyguards.

In Tibet, Scorpions were embossed onto the hilts of swords, wheel-charms and woodblock prints as a protective charm. In fact, wearing a Scorpion Amulet is said to serve as protection against bad luck and will keep those who wish to do you harm at bay. This age old tradition continues even in today's modern times.

The Scorpions powerful pincers and potentially deadly sting have also led it to be perceived by some as a sinister creature. Someone who is said to be envious or willing to double cross you is said to have 'A sting in the tail.'
Standing opposite to this view, Scorpions are also said by some to be guardians of gateways to the underworld or tombs of Kings long passed.

As you can see, The symbolism of the Scorpion is powerful in itself - and its fearsome reputation proceeds it worldwide. Scorpion tattoos look great in simple outlines, block colors or as shaded pieces.





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