Picture Tattoos: A Modern Body Art

Picture tattoos are a great way to decorate your body. They say: an image conveys a thousand words. Well, a picture tattoo can convey volumes about one's personality, taste, style and creativity. It's a modern body art, and is immensely popular in America and a few other places on earth.

The human body is a canvas for a tattoo artist and a tattoo may be as large and as small as a client wishes on any part of the body be it the ankle or behind the ear. If the tattoo artist is a good one, he will be able to enlighten you which picture tattoo will last the longest, and which is the most suitable for your skin type exclusively.

If you are looking for tattoo design ideas, the internet is brimming with hundreds of tattoo picture galleries organized into categories for both men and women. These galleries feature top quality picture tattoos by some of the most talented artists in the industry. Hence, you'll come across such a huge variety that it would really be a difficult job for you to decide which one to go for, and which one you should drop.

Several sites also allow visitors to post photos of their tattoos, so you can access a huge range of designs from the world over. Search by size, artist or color. You can rate your favorites, comment on the artistry, bookmark and email them to your friends. Some websites enable you to download and print free picture tattoo designs in high resolution. They also offer line drawings or stencils, which is a great option and helps save money at the tattoo studio. Once you are on the go, you'll discover even more features than what mentioned here.

Fashionable picture tattoos include the butterfly, dragonfly, skull, star, lion, crown, cross, rose, heart, fairy, angel and the ladybug. Zodiac signs are popular too. Celtic, tribal and religious images are also used widely.

A love for tattoos and a desire for self expression are the basic ingredients you need when you set out on a search for the perfect tattoo. Settle on a design that means something to you, for it will be a part of your body for a very long time. Hence, however it may seem non-serious a job in its core nature, you still need to take it pretty serious once you've made up your mind to go for it. Here's to finding the best picture tattoos!

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