Intenze Color Tattoo Ink Sets

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Black Tattoo Transfer Stencil Machine Thermal Copier Printer with Bonus Papers

Specifications: 1. Scanning Mode: CIS 2. Effective Scanning/Printing Width:210 mm 3. Scanning Resolution: Horizontal:8 dot / mm Vertical(Standard)7.7 line/mm 4. Document Type: Fine / Photo 5. Doc...


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100 pcs Tattoo Thermal Stencil Transfer paper

100 pcs Tattoo Thermal Stencil Transfer paper Each sheet contains 4-layers: 1) Cover sheet to which the design is applied 2) Brown protective sheet - removed prior to use 3) Carbon Sheet 4) Yellow bac...


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Kuro Sumi Tattoo Black Outlining Ink 6oz

The best outlining ink money can buy. Kuro semi outlining ink is the standard in todays tattoo industry. Voted to be the best and most consistent ink in the world....


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