Scorpion Tattoos

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The Scorpion is one intense little creature and not to be taken lightly and scorpion tattoos are one of the more intriguing choices of design!

Scorpion tattoo designs remain consistently popular around the world, being adorned by men and women throughout many different cultures. From traditional scorpion tribal tattoos designs in Africa, all the way to the Middle East and South East Asia. In Europe and the Americas scorpion tattoos are almost universally Tattooed alone, rather than being part of a larger, more ornate piece of artwork or set against a background of some type.

Scorpions are one of the planets most evolutionarily successful creatures, with over 2000 different species currently on record. Thought to have originated over 430 million years ago, firstly as sea dwellers, before making their way onto land by clutching onto rocky shorelines or dredged seaweed with their powerful claw like appendages.

Scorpion tattoos are sure to attract attention wherever you may roam. They are versatile enough to be interpreted in a number of ways visually and literally. A Scorpion can be seen as either a ward against evil spirits, a spiritual guardian, a symbol of Astrology, protection or as a powerful warning to those who would harm you. By many peoples reckoning, a Scorpion is a creature to be respected or feared.

As with any tattoo, the meaning you decide to attach to it is entirely personal. The scope for interpretation of the Scorpion is wide, varied and steeped in history.

Scorpion tattoos uses as an Astrological Symbol

Astrology states that those whose birthdays fall between the dates of Oct 23rd to Nov 21st are said to be 'Scorpios,' which is the 8th sign in the Zodiac. Traditionally the planet Mars is thought to be the ruler of this Star Sign, and the general personality traits of a person born throughout this period are said to be known for their sharp minds and shrewd intellects. Scorpios are also effective puzzle solvers and counsellors, and have an uncanny knack for getting behind the true meaning of a situation or event.

Scorpios tend to be extremely intuitive. Which can make them compassionate and understanding or come across cruel and vindictive, as they are easily able to single out a persons weak points.
The other aspect that they are known for is their extremism. Tending to be 'all or nothing' risk takers and masters of their own destiny.

It is for these reasons that people choose to express themselves with Scorpio tattoo designs.

Meanings of Scorpion Tattoos

The exact meaning of Scorpion tattoos differs around the world. However the overarching belief that is held both in the East and Western hemispheres is that a Scorpion tattoo acts as a guard against bad luck, as well as affording protection to the wearer.

Its reputation within both human society and the animal kingdom in general as a feared and powerful creature also gives the Scorpion a level of respect that few other creatures of its size can command so universally Scorpions have also featured in myths and legends throughout time. In ancient Egypt for example, the Goddess Isis had two giant Scorpions that acted as bodyguards.

In Tibet, Scorpions were embossed onto the hilts of swords, wheel-charms and woodblock prints as a protective charm. In fact, wearing a Scorpion Amulet is said to serve as protection against bad luck and will keep those who wish to do you harm at bay. This age old tradition continues even in today's modern times.

The Scorpions powerful pincers and potentially deadly sting have also led it to be perceived by some as a sinister creature. Someone who is said to be envious or willing to double cross you is said to have 'A sting in the tail.'
Standing opposite to this view, Scorpions are also said by some to be guardians of gateways to the underworld or tombs of Kings long passed.

As you can see, The symbolism of the Scorpion is powerful in itself - and its fearsome reputation proceeds it worldwide. Scorpion tattoos look great in simple outlines, block colors or as shaded pieces.





What Does an Orchid Tattoo Mean?

Tattoo's Are Visual Representations That Have Symbolic Meaning

Having studied human behaviour and body language it is funny to find out that people that get tattoo's often don't know what the symbology means.

Butterfly's show transformation and change
This is the most common tattoo for first time females, as they make the statement that they are no longer girls, but changed into women. The bigger and more colorful the butterfly tattoo is, the more they want people to see the change in them.

Orchid's show sexuality and procreation

orchid, flower, tattoo
Image from Pixabay via mariayliviuhkola

The orchid represents both male and female sexuality. With the stem a phallus shape and the name meaning testicles in Greek, the orchid is closely associated to wearing a penis.


The female aspects of the orchid show beauty, charm and poise meaning that you are sensual and want to show elegance to men that see your tattoo. It is considered to be a sign of great fertility for this reason.

The heart tattoo is more complex

This is one the tattoos that context is very important to understand its meanings. The heart can represent courage, love, passion, and remembrance depending on the surrounding artwork and location on the body.


Tattoo locations alter the context
People will often place the tattoo in a private location if they only want a few special people to know about this event in their life. By restricting access to its viewing the person is making the statement that only select people get to know the real them.

With tattoo's placed in public or easily seen locations, it is all about wanting others to see the tattoo and get a certain impression about the individual.

Usually the tattoo will go on a part of the body that the wearer likes and has great admiration for. As seen in the males that wrap barbed wire around their biceps. They want you to see that their bicep is bigger than yours and that they are tough enough to wear barbed wire on their body taking the small barbs of pain in their stride.
Others like their forearms, the shape or strength in particular, so decorate it with letters or designs that draw your eyes along their muscular shapes.

Very few people put tattoo's on parts of their body they don't like unless they are hiding scars or other tattoo's from their past.

The important thing is to understand that your choice of tattoo and its location will say a lot more about you than you realise so pick carefully and know what your tattoo means.



The Risks of Getting A Tattoo

Tattoos are considered to be more popular and socially accepted nowadays. Tattooing is a trend that started growing during the early 90's. According to a recent study, more than 36% of Americans and Europeans have at least one body tattoo on them. Medias play a great role in increasing the popularity of tattoos through reality shows and magazines with the photographs of celebrities with tattoos on them. Many feel that, beautifying their body with permanent ink helps them to profess their individuality. If you are really interested in getting a tattoo, it will be better to study up on the risks associated with this particular form of body art, and take necessary precautions before going for it.
The biggest risk in getting a tattoo is the selection of your tattoo artist. Consider the following hints before choosing your tattoo artist;

  • Go to a professional tattoo artist and try to avoid home-made tattoos, especially made with Indian ink.
  • Take a look around the tattoo parlour to conform whether the place is clean, hygienic and brightly lit.
  • Make sure that the artist uses new sterilized equipments for each client or thoroughly cleans and sterilizes the equipment using autoclaves.
  • Make sure he uses standard safety precautions to prevent infections and he wears rubber gloves.
  • Never go to a parlour with less sanitary conditions to get an inexpensive tattoo. Your health matters more than money.
  • Make sure that the tattoo artist has credentials, a license and experience.

As tattooing requires the breaking of the skin barrier, it may cause various health risks, including infections and allergic reactions. Getting a tattoo at an accredited professional tattoo parlour is comparatively risk free, but, still it puts you into the following risks;

  • As needles are inserted under your skin for tattooing, there is an increased risk for the diseases like HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C. There are no reported vaccinations against HIV and Hepatitis C. But, you can take vaccinations against the contracting Hepatitis B.
  • In addition to these viral infections, there is a risk of bacterial infections and allergies to dyes and needles. Some infections may be mild and treatable. But some may turn sever.
  • Infections that can be transmitted due to the unsterilized equipments or contaminated ink includes tetanus, tuberculosis, herpes simplex virus, staph, fungal infections, some forms of hepatitis, HIV etc.
  • It may cause skin infections such as impetigo or school sores.
  • Long-term skin diseases like psoriasis, dermatitis and even tumors have been reported as a result of tattoos.
  • Thick scars called keloids are more likely to appear among dark skinned people.
  • Mental distress due to regret after getting a tattoo. This is reported as one of the main risks after getting a tattoo.
  • Occasionally, when a blood vessel gets punctured during the tattooing procedure, a bruise or hematoma may appear.
  • Allergic reactions due to some metals present in the ink, especially colored inks, have been medically documented. Nickel present in the ink, mainly caused the metal allergy. Other metals that cause allergies include mercury in red cinnabar, cadmium sulphite, cobalt blue, lead, lithium, copper etc.
  • In some temporary tattoos like henna, problems have been reported. Henna tattoos contain a dark brown dye; para-phenylenediamine (PPD) that causes delayed allergic reactions. The reactions include skin necrosis, scarring and hypo-pigmentation. By analyzing some henna dyes, toxic chemicals used in textile and hair dyes has been found in addition to PPD.
  • Some hospitals and testing centers will refuse to do MRI scanning of the person with tattoos as there are metal particles in the tattoo which causes a burning pain for them.
  • Even if you wish to remove a tattoo, some colors like yellow will breakdown into toxic chemicals and spread in your body.

If you are still planning to get a tattoo, then it's imperative you follow the proper safety precautions. Make sure you are getting a tattoo in a place away from food, hazardous waste and other unsanitary conditions. Finally, after receiving your tattoo, get proper aftercare procedures from your artist and be sure to follow it.

Top 3 Heart Tattoo Design Ideas

You may have noticed the heart tattoo design ideas are becoming more and more popular these days among young men and women. In the world of tattoos where you can choose any sign or symbol to stay on your body and so on your memory forever, what can be sweeter to have than a heart pattern for a loved one?

tattoo, hand, i love you
Image from Pixabay via PixArc

The number of choices you have for which designs you will have on your skin forever is unlimited. It can start from some common patterns like your birth zodiac sign, animal or bird shapes, or some of the most recent common symbols like tribal signs or Japanese and Chinese characters.

Some people - especially men - also choose birds of prey or other elegant serious animals like a lion, leopard, or a wolf.
But what if you're looking for something sweeter and more sentimental - like a heart shape tattoo design?
Then here in this free guide you can find out 3 helpful ideas and tips for choosing the best creative unique heart tattoo idea for yourself today...

1. Mix a Heart with Other Styles for a Fresh Look
Are you interested in tribal themes and styles? What about flower themes? Any special bird or animal that you especially like?
These free tattoo design ideas can easily give you ideas about what else you can mix and include as a part of your heart tattoo. It doesn't have to be something simple and only a heart. You can easily add your favorite flower or bird next to it as well.

Imagine for a second, tattoo that only shows a simple heart. Now imagine a tattoo with a heart and rose petal wrapped around it. Or maybe a beautiful bird flying over the heart.

See how adding another stunning shape or symbol can amazingly make your tattoo more unique and special?

2. Include Your Loved One's Name
A simple yet cool idea is to include the full first name or the initials of your loved one, who you are designing this tattoo in his/her sake.

Especially if you are in a deep loving relationship, showing it to her later on your body is the ultimate gift that they will remember forever. After all, they say a diamond is forever. But is it really? You may agree that's an overstatement comparing to a tattoo which is truly forever.

3. Check Out Online Free Tattoo Galleries to Get Inspired
Another easy way to find as many creative heart tattoo ideas as you wish, is checking out a helpful free tattoo pattern gallery online.

Whether you'd like to find a ready-made tattoo stencil to print and use instantly, or maybe you prefer to design your own tattoo to have a more unique and one-of-a-kind design, free galleries will help inspire you with more ideas.



Dream Tattoo Design

When searching for your "dream tattoo design" it is usually difficult to find the exact design that you are looking for. While every artist has a unique style, finding an artist whose style matches the style of the design that you want could be a challenge. This causes many people to limit themselves to the style of the person who is doing their tattoo. Every tattoo artist specializes in different areas of style when it comes to a specific design. For these reasons, deciding on your dream tattoo, and searching for the right design can become a time prolonging process. Not only is it your dream tattoo, it will be a part of you for the rest of your life, so be certain that it is exactly what you want. Think of how a poet takes subjects from different aspects of life. Only then does the poet take those concepts and put them into one place to create a poem.

- There are free galleries to access for designs. However, these designs are not always authentic and the source of these images are usually unknown. This means that few original designs are available to someone looking for an authentic piece of work. A tattoo is a self inspired masterpiece and a form of expression. Behind any masterpiece is a professional artist who is known for his unique creations. Many people are turning to "Tattoo Networks" when seeking originality, especially those who get tattoos annually. Tattoo networks allow you to become connected with highly talented tattoo design specialists, providing a variety of unique styles to choose from. This gives you access to all the material you need to customize your dream tattoo. The fact of the matter is you will most likely find the tattoo design you are searching for, and chances are you will probably find some ideas for future designs as well. Finding your dream tattoo on your own can take a considerable amount of time and effort, now everything you need is in one place.

- There are several networks that have been found to have the most diversity, as well as overall designs. These designs are organized into multiple categories. These categories consist of different area based tattoos such as; arm, wrist, and shoulder tattoos, belly tattoos, back tattoos, etc. Also, there are more specific tattoo design categories such as; angels, zodiac, Celtic, Chinese symbols, Egyptian hieroglyphics, crosses, devils, and dragon tattoos, just to name a few. The search feature alone is worth what you would pay for your designs by a local artist, anything you could possibly think of is all there. With such a vast selection of tattoo designs to customize, the possibility of getting the same tattoo as someone else is virtually non-existent. There are literally thousands of options to select from while customizing your tattoos design, with new designs added daily.

- These methods offer a more affordable and time conserving way to find your dream tattoo. The members area also provides video guidance towards finding your design as well. Customers now have the ability to find a artist whose individual style can cater to their personal preferences. The artists within these networks understand the needs of their customers for whom they design their tattoos. Versus local artists who create your tattoos design based on the style in which they use. Also consider not allowing anyone else's opinion to be part of the final decision making factor on the design you so happen to choose.

As mentioned before, a dream tattoo is a "Self Inspired" masterpiece as well as a personal decision. Rome was not built in a day and every great decision comes with knowledge and research. Your dream tattoo design should be your message to the world. Everything that creates you as a person in one metaphorical work of art. Take your time and focus on finding the perfect dream tattoo, and trust that you will know when you have found it. With the right resources it could even come out better than how you originally pictured it.

Tribal Forearm Tattoos With a Meaningful Purpose

Tattoos are becoming very popular among the people of all age groups across the world. Tattoos originated in the continent of Asia and have spread all over the other continents of the world. Tattooing can be done either by manual methods or with the help of a tattooing machine. The procedure of tattooing is done by injecting the ink into the dermis layer of the skin. The Dermis is the second layer of the skin. The ink on the outermost layer of the skin can easily be erased, but the ink on the dermis will last for a life-time.

The purpose of wearing a tattoo will change from one person to another. Some people need to express their feelings to others. Some wear the tattoos to enhance their beauty and attract other people, and show their courage and pride etc.
Any part of the body can be tattooed. It can be in arms, legs, shoulder, lower back, hip, chest etc. Some people like to be tattooed in the visible areas of their body, while some like to have the tattoos in a place where it can easily be concealed. There are single colored tattoos and multi colored tattoos available with light and dark shades. The time it takes to sketch a tattoo on the skin depends on the size and style of the tattoo.

Tribal forearm tattoos are the most popular among the tattoos in the visible areas of the body. This tattoo will be very sexy and the wearer will attract the opposite sex easily. Tribal forearm tattoos will easily capture the crowd and make this person unique in the crowd. This tattoo expresses the tribal nature with or without a custom style. Tribal forearm tattoos are dark blue and black in color and if light colors are used amongst the dark colors, they will barely be visible. The main purpose of having a tattoo on the forearm is to expose it easily to other people. The forearm is the most visible part in the body and will easily be noticed while shaking hands with others; therefore this tattoo is a good choice for those who deserve more fame and popularity.

The forearm tattoos consist of a variety of designs and symbols. This design can include serpents, flame breathing dragons, skulls, angels, demons etc. Tribal forearm tattoos will enhance the beauty of the wearer. The tattoo will automatically create a pride to the wearer. There is a greater possibility for you to become popular easily and you will be respected more than others.

The printing of tattoos on the body originated as a tradition and nowadays it is seen as fashion. In olden days, people were forced to be tattooed for identification of their different tribes and traditions. In certain cultures, when a boy changes from his childhood to adulthood, he will be engraved with a tattoo to symbolize greater responsibility for the male individual. It is used as a reflection of change in status of someone's life. Nowadays tattoos have become a fashion accessory and a trend for sports people, celebrities and bands.

Body Piercings And Beautiful Peacocks

Not long ago, I was at Starbucks, and it happened to be one which was near a major freeway. A gal came in with a group of friends, and she had a brilliant colorful tattoo on her back shoulder, I asked her what it was, and she told me it was a peacock. I thought that was very interesting, and she said she loved it. She pulled down one of her straps so I could see the whole thing, wow it was incredible. Then I noticed that she had some body piercing to accentuate the peacock, with some sub-dermal pieces to create a slight bulge for the beak, and the ends of the feathers.

Indeed, I'd say she went all out on this, and it was the ultimate expression of personal individuality that I had seen in a long time. It was truly a work of art, and the girl was fairly good-looking, so she didn't need anything to make her look beautiful, she did it because she loved the look. It was so impressive, I was taken aback with the beautiful bird on her back. When body piercings are done in conjunction with colorful tattoos they make a bold statement. This one certainly did, and although I didn't ask her if she had been in any magazines, it seems to me that if she hasn't, she could probably walk into just about any counterculture type magazine and they would do a photo-shoot of her.

Was it over the top? Perhaps it might be if one were to ask your parents what they thought, but she wore it so well, in such a dignified way that it accentuated her beauty and her personality. I doubt if anyone could say it was in poor taste, it was truly remarkable, a literal walking piece of art. It's too bad that more people don't see this reality, as they are too caught-up in their mental boxes to understand the freedom and expression enjoyed by those that display this living artwork. Interestingly enough, her and her friends were going to the river for the weekend, and she had a strapless bikini that she was going to wear so everyone could see it.

It's hard to describe in words how remarkable this was, or the soft-spoken personality of the owner of this colorful tattoo/body piercing hybrid art. I certainly hope I've done it justice here in this article today, and if there's anything I'd like for you to take away from this philosophical thought - it is this; when artwork as beautiful as this peacock adorns the body of a gorgeous woman, it is art, pure and simple. Therefore it is time for society to ditch the stigma of those who enjoy personal expression of their own body.

Cool Tat Designs

Tat designs are only limited by an individual's imagination. One reason tattoos are so popular in recent years is that they allow a person to express something unique about them. While a huge variety of tattoo designs are found throughout history in many different cultures, the internet provides a new generation of tattoo enthusiasts a way to explore a huge variety of designs from multiple resources. It's like having the world's largest tattoo parlor at your fingertips! Here are some things to remember when searching for some cool designs:

• Even if you have something specific in mind, take a look at a large variety of options and different images. Remember that this is going to be a permanent part of you, so take your time and look around.

• The internet is a great resource for finding tattoo art. There are many sites dedicated to various forms, but it's best to find those sites that have a large variety of tat designs in one place from a variety of artists. If the image inventory is large enough it can be a sort of "one stop shop". The key is to have a good variety from different styles.

• The method used to create your tattoo hasn't changed too much over time, even if the equipment has. Remember that tattoos can be painful when the work is being done, but they generally heal quickly. Before deciding where to get your cool tattoo, consider the more sensitive areas - the sternum, ribs, hands and feet. Of course everyone has different levels of tolerance so don't automatically assume it's going to be very painful.

• Once you find some cool tat designs, make sure you can explain the one(s) you want clearly to the tattoo artist doing the work. One great thing about looking online is there are many sites today that allow you to simply print the design so you can take it with you.

• You can always use what you see online for ideas to create your own design. Some sites will even allow you to design the tattoo yourself. However, if you have an idea what you want, most tattoo artists will be able to work with you to get the end result you want. That's a big part of their job.

• Consider the different varieties or styles of tattoos - tribal, artistic, languages such as Chinese characters, stars, images of animals, and the list goes on. While the ones listed here are some of the more popular today, the great thing about looking at an online resource is the sheer variety of tat designs that can be viewed from a very diverse group of artists from all over the world.

• Finally, consider your skin tone and your build when looking at all your options. Certain colors may look better on some people that on others. The tattoo artist you choose should be able to help you with this.
Tattoos have existed for thousands of years, and due to their popularity in recent years, we are only seeing this art form expand. Do remember before getting any tattoo to do a little investigation on the shop and make sure you see some of their other work. Then show them your tat designs and don't look back!

5 Hot Custom Tattoo Design Trends That Rule The Tattoo Industry

If there's one thing that tattoo enthusiasts hate about the tattoo industry, it is the inclination to the trends set forth by celebrities. Not that it's wrong to emulate their custom tattoo designs: but there are some people who think that just because celebrity X has a hot Marilyn Monroe tattoo on her thigh, getting that same tattoo on their thighs too will make them as gorgeous as their idol. As a result, there is no room for any creativity when a designer has to create a tattoo design for the client.

Today, people want to sport tattoos that look and feel different for the usual ones. They want designs that reflect who they truly are, what their typical personality traits are they also want to use their tattoos to signify an important event or a person very close to their heart.

Here are five hot custom tattoo trends that are sure to give you that "edge" that you have been looking for in a tattoo.
Japanese Tattoo designs - Hello Kitty doesn't qualify as a Japanese tattoo, nor are Dragon Ball and Samurai Ninja Gaiden characters considered to be Japanese designs. What we are talking about here are Japanese letters. For example; Janet Jackson has a few Japanese tattoos in her wrist and belly. The one in her belly reads "discipline" while the one on her wrist reads "respect and equality". Since Janet Jackson is a gay rights activist, she sure knows what she's talking about when she had imprinted what she's fighting for in her carpal tunnels.

Japanese characters are perfect for getting the values you believe in get alive in your skin. Through various custom tattoo sites, you may have tattoo designers modify the characters to be soft and feminine or bold and masculine.
Tribal - The first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word tribal is the tribal dance. You can envision loud thumping noise along with wide and bold movements from the dancers garbed with tropical leaves and twigs while dancing around a bonfire.

Tribal tattoos have sharp edges, making them perfect for the nape and lower back. By creating a tribal tattoo design contest via any custom tattoo design site, you can receive hundreds of tribal tattoo interpretations based on your tattoo idea and personal preferences.

Celtic - Celtic tattoos are of European origin. These tattoos are usually composed of bold swirls and curls. Famous Celtic tattoo designs include armbands, clovers, and cross designs. If you would like to get hundreds of different take on your Celtic designs, just log on to any design contest site and create a design contest. Prize money awaits the tattoo designer's entry that is finally chosen as the winning design.

Hawaiian - Hawaiian tattoo designs are Polynesian in origin. Such tattoo art is composed of very heavy and intricate knot work. Only a few tattoo designers can execute Hawaiian designs perfectly.

Custom tattoo sites have hundreds of tattoo designers who can handle any Hawaiian knot work design. Hawaiian tattoo art for the female is expressed in various flower designs. Since Hawaii is the main source of almost all tropical flowers exported from the US, it is just fitting that Hawaiian women love imprinting flowers on their skins.
Butterfly - This colorful creature has an international appeal to it. There are also males who would like to get a butterfly's image tattooed on their skins. Despite its charm, butterfly tattoos have been so very common that such design doesn't attract that much attention anymore.

Log on to the custom tattoo site of your choice and create a contest for the best butterfly tattoo. Try and provide the designers with unique ideas that can be incorporate into the design to make it more personalized and different. For example; an alphabet or a date that holds a special place in your life. In just two weeks, you will be able to view hundreds of butterfly tattoo interpretations. You will surely find one butterfly custom tattoo design that will stand out from the rest.

Your First Tattoo: A Look At The Most Common Tattoo Styles For Men

Deciding your first tattoo is a rewarding experience, however it isn't one that should be rushed into on a whim. You must be certain to take time to think about it carefully, since a tattoo should be a lifetime commitment. You must be fully certain that you're getting a tattoo that fits into your life. You need to think about how your tattoo will have an effect on your friends' and family's perception of you, how it will affect your current job position and future career prospects, and most importantly how you, personally, will see yourself.

Deciding On The Body Location
Once you're sure you want to continue forward, the next step is to determine body region where your tattoo should be applied. You have got many options here, as nearly any part of your body makes an acceptable canvas.

Arm tattoos are definitely the most popular choice for your first tattoo. Here you've got many decisions - full arm (also referred to as a sleeve, named for the resemblance to a full-length shirt sleeve), higher-half sleeve from shoulder to elbow, bottom-half sleeve from elbow to wrist, or one-fourth sleeve commonly from mid-upper arm to shoulder. Bigger arm pieces typically mix a number of thematic parts, while the smaller and medium-sized tattoos usually only concentrate on one thing.

The shoulder space is a common spot as well, covering the area from the joint to the rear shoulder blade. The shoulder is a common choice for smaller designs that can be easily covered when necessary.

Back tattoos are for the most bold, since this may be where the biggest tattoo can be inked. Any or all of the back is accessible, from the top of your shoulders to your waist, and around to your love handles beneath your arms. Tattoos on the back are usually made up of one large element, but can often integrate a couple aesthetic elements into a single cohesive scene as well.

The chest area is becoming a more and more well-liked as well as individuals have become more adventurous. Typically a chest tattoo is fairly large and spread full length, or is smaller and limited to the pectoral space over the heart. Like one-fourth sleeve tattoos, back tattoos are often reserved for only one look.

Other body positions such as the stomach, legs, neck, and hands are less popular areas to have work done. It is important to realize that getting body art completed on any of those areas may be troublesome to cover if necessary.

Design Styles

Once a body space and approximate size has been determined, the subsequent step is to search out a design for your tattoo's look. There are several aspects to this, with the most necessary being subject, style, and use of color. Whereas the final choice is up to you, there are several popular and common styles and designs to contemplate.

Tribal pieces are the among most well-liked tattoo designs for men. Typically uncolored, these designs feature thick angular black lines in dramatic patterns representing strength and masculinity. The first tattoos of this kind were from Polynesian, Maori, and Aztec tribes and commonly worn by their fighters, though nowadays the fashion is worn by anyone.

Crosses and other religious symbols are traditional subjects, as they serve as enduring symbols of hope, faith, affection, or remembrance. They are typically thought to provide a relaxing spiritual assurance and a link to divine protection.

Tattoos honoring heritage, such a Celtic knots or alternative Celtic design, are symbols representing one's history, making sure that family roots are never forgotten. Design-wise, they're usually richly coloured and highly detailed.

Skull art designs represent the dark aspect of tattoo culture. they typically signify death and danger and anger and toughness, and evoke stereotypical images of bad dudes in motorcycle gangs whom it is best to steer clear from. Or, additionally, skulls might represent the philosophical symbolism of one's own life and are, in a way, a celebration of life.
Tattoos of pin-up girls, those scantily-clad or naked girls in alluring poses, are usually used to represent an appreciation toward confident and brash females who exude sex appeal. These tattoos were first in style among soldiers away at war, reminding them of who was anticipating them back on the home front.

Asian styles, such as Kanji symbols or dragons or koi fish, celebrate the culture and mysticism of the Orient. These styles symbolize guardianship, empowerment, wisdom, and freedom.

Words, like names, sayings, and quotes are all highly personal designs that have unique meaning the person who wears the art. They are typically meant to bring inspiration, celebrate a milestone life event such as a marriage or the birth of a child, or to honor the memory of a passed love one.

Picking The Designer

So now you've finally made sure that you are ready get a tattoo design, have an idea where you would like it to be placed, and what style of style you want it to be, it is time to go visit your chosen tattoo parlor and talk over with the artist who is liable for adding a permanent and personal piece of art to your body.